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Koopmans Foodcoatings is part Koopmans Koninklijke Meelfabrieken (KKM), a company with an impressive reputation among both consumers and professionals in the food sector.

Our principal joint strategic goal: to extract sustainable value from grain purely from the source. We achieve this goal in the first place by continuing to be who we are: a family business with a long-term approach for food processing companies in trade and industry.

But we also want to change and keep improving. To achieve this, together with customers we’re investing in new products and recipes in line with market trends. We also want to embed the value of origin and sustainability in cooperation in the chain.

Collective values

Koopmans Foodcoatings stands for the collective values of KKM: craftsmanship, entrepreneurship, reliability, humanity and passion. These values are part of the KKM brand and are also reflected in the way we think and act every day.