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With our motto “pure from the source”, the entire KKM Group feels very responsible for the quality of the environment; after all, our raw materials originate directly from our natural surroundings. A sustainable approach is therefore essential if we are to continue to add value to grain in the future.

Taking conscious steps towards sustainability

The membership of Stichting Veldleeuwerik (the Skylark Foundation) is one of the first conscious steps we have taken in our quest to become sustainable. Together with crop farmers and grain processing companies, we are committed to creating sustainable food production chains. To achieve this, we use backward integration as the basis for forward innovation.

With the signing of the FNLI (Federation for the Dutch Food Industry), KKM is one of the sector leaders that aims to make food production more sustainable by integrating it into its mission and policy.

Energie Efficiency

As a producer, we inevitably place a burden on our living environment, but Koopmans Foodcoatings wants to limit the effects as much as possible. That is why we comply with the relevant legislation and regulations and strictly observe the sector’s Long-term Sustainability Agreements (MJAZ) to reduce our energy consumption by 2% every year.

Energy awareness is an integral part of our business operations. One example of our structural focus on raising energy efficiency is the installation of LED lighting with presence-detection sensors throughout our factory.