Koopmans FryLess®

The crispy and tasty solution for oven products with proven ‘crunch’ and ‘crack’

With our FryLess® Oven System, Koopmans Foodcoatings offers a total solution for creating crispy, tasty and low fat products. In combination with Koopmans bread crumbs optimal taste and crunchiness can be created.

The Koopmans FryLess® Oven System is unique due to:

  • Guaranteed crunchy and tasty end product
  • Clean label solution
  • Easy integration into existing production processes
  • Excellent taste
  • Due to good taste, less salt and seasoning is needed
  • Lower acrylamide and less fat in the end product
  • Koopmans FryLess® works perfect with the predust and a range of selected breadcrumbs from Koopmans Foodcoatings
  • The number of steps in the production line depends on your production process
  • FryLess® is also available as a tempura

The Koopmans FryLess® system is suitable for multiple applications, such as meat, fish and vegetarian

Create a total clean label concept
Together with the products from Koopmans Ingredients, a total clean label concept can be created. For example with Koopmans Bind-itTM, the new binding solution for fish, vegetable and plant based snacks and burgers.

How to make tasty Clean Label veggi products?
Easy with Koopmans Bind-it and Koopmans FryLess!

For more information, contact your accountmanager or our sales support by phone 0031 (0) 58 294 84 45 or email: info@koopmansfoodcoatings.com

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