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22 Jan 2019How trendy are trends?

Like every year, trend watchers come out with all kinds of conflicting…

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22 Jan 2019
How trendy are trends?

Like every year, trend watchers come out with all kinds of conflicting views to predict the hypes and trends for…

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12 Dec 2018
Crunchiness is key

The importance of health when enjoying food is becoming more important nowadays and oven preparation of snacks and meal components…

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28 Nov 2018
Organic in foodservice steadily growing

The foodservice sector has shown a high growth in the number of organic products since 2014. Foodservice companies are clearly…

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24 Oct 2018
Acrylamide: what and how?

It was not until the year of 2002 that the Swedish Food and Drug Administration discovered the presence of acrylamide…

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09 Jul 2018
Koopmans Foodcoatings introduces innovative solution for crunchier oven products

The market for crunchy oven snacks is growing rapidly. Not only more consumers use the oven or an air fryer…

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06 Nov 2017
Koopmans Foodcoatings goes to FI Europe!

Koopmans Foodcoatings goes to FI Europe! The international food ingredients show in Frankfurt. This is the first time in the…

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30 Oct 2017
Workshop oven solutions – Looking back with KIEM

The popularity of oven prepared snacks is increasing among consumers: They want the crispy taste of fried products, without the…

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23 Jun 2016
Koopmans opens KIEM innovationcentre

Consciously opting for long-term sustainable development with our customers Innovation is the perfect way to meet the demands of consumers…

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03 May 2016
LaCo Crumbs is now Koopmans Foodcoatings!

LaCo Crumbs is now Koopmans Foodcoatings: Koopmans Koninklijke Meelfabrieken (KKM) opts for unambiguous brand strategy  Starting on 1 May 2016,…

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27 Aug 2015
Koopmans Foodcoatings is proud to introduce: Wholemeal breadcrumbs

Over the past few years, there has been an increasing demand for wholemeal products. In scientific circles, extensive research is…

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