Crunchiness is key

The importance of health when enjoying food is becoming more important nowadays and oven preparation of snacks and meal components become popular amongst consumers. A challenge for the producer of snacks: consumers want the crispy taste of a fried product but without disadvantages of the frying process, the lack of a crunchy bite and pale color. Unfortunate, because exactly this crispy golden outside is an important part of how consumers experience the product.

From appearance to mouth sensation

Taste experience starts with outside appearance. If consumers don’t like the look of the product it is hard to convince consumers about the great taste inside. The layer of bread crumbs plays a key role in the actual taste experience, because crumbs give many opportunities to optimize the look & feel of the final product.

There is for example a broad range of choices in granulate type, from rather coarse to very fine. Mixtures of both coarser and finer crumbs results in a more authentic and artisanal look.
There are other aspects besides crumb size that improve the looks of the product; color and blends that include spices are beautiful options to improve the appearance. The right crumb isn’t only appealing but also improves the taste of the product.

Taste and “feel” of fried and oven prepared products make or break with the mouth sensation. The snack industry in the Benelux focuses on a firm ‘bite’. This determines, among other things, the experienced ’crisp’ by consumers. Application of this method for oven prepared products is not optimal; hard bread crumbs cause the product to be dry and fragile. Koopmans developed a softer crumb, which is also from a perspective of form and composition a good solution. A crunchy layer that is attractive because of both texture and color, it also generates the characteristic sound taking a bite . Measurements with a texture analyzer show the right characteristics of a good batter/crumb combination while also getting this crunchy sensation.

Knowledge by KIEM R&D

Improving your products starts with a collaboration with Koopmans, Koopmans Foodcoatings stands for the ‘World of Crumbs’. Besides sharing our know-how, we also do joint research in our KIEM- centre. Ask your account manager or contact our sales support department through e-mail or call  +31 (0) 58 294 84 45. For technical questions contact our KIEM innovation team through e-mail.

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